Thursday, August 17, 2006

Someday People Will Live in this Building

Don Fagen Lives Here!

This used to be Bob Dylan's house in Woodstock. Now it's Steely Dan-itized. Sigh.

I Made This!

Monday, August 07, 2006

South Slope at Sunset

I love him!

Matt and I went to see the Red Krayola the other night, with my (other) boyfriend John McEntire on drums. What I didn't know is that John suffers from "rock face" when he plays the drums. Surely others will comment on this sooner or later, but when one sits in the front row you can see all the silly faces he makes. This blurry image makes me love him that much more.

Shane West is hardcore!

Last night I went to see Shane West and the Germs. Shane is HC because he lit the setlist on fire. Easily the highlight of the evening. More pics of other things to come.

P.S. I keep seeing billboards of cheesesteak flavored potato chips. I am intrigued but can't find them anywhere! Help!