Wednesday, April 05, 2006

You Can't Fool Me!

Also spotted in Los Angeles:

Stars Hollow, I'm Next.

If you are fortunate enough to ever find yourself in Los Angeles AND you happen to be a big dork with some time on your hands, I wholeheartedly suggest going on a tour of the Warner Brothers Studio lot. This is where the Gilmore Girls is filmed. This is where Stars Hollow is, the fake Yale is, the fake mansion, and Matt and I saw a good 75% of the set while we were there. Make a point of telling your tour guide, as we did, how much you LOVE the Gilmore Girls. Then when you're done, go to the gift shop to purchase matching Dragonfly Inn mugs. Don't forget to take lots of pictures like these...

Oh yeah, I saw them filming an episode from really really far away. I saw Luke and Lorelai from really far away. I think it might be the episode that shows next week. I also figured out that the episode featuring Joe Pernice as troubadour-wannabe airs May 9th. This is the day my heart stops beating for good. Okay, photos! Eat your hearts out!

Matt and I in Lorelai's Jeep. She's got 2 of them.

Matt next to the Gilmore's mailbox!
Where all his stalker fanmail gets sent!

Matt and I under the chuppah where the wedding that never was to Max (!) didn't happen. All you teary eyed fans remember Max. Well, the chuppah's falling apart. It's made of paper. It wasn't meant to be.