Monday, October 31, 2005

For Matt.

I took this picture at Matt's request. It's somewhere around Silver Spring, Maryland. I'd like to think that it's the people who are "in the buff" and are therefore "big, fat and ugly" but surely it's gotta be the seafood.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Like I'd Forgotten!

Part 7

Part 6

Chris Ware. He's awesome. Keep reading his cartoons!

I Heart the Rock Stars

These are some pictures I've taken recently. Blogger is only sorta acting weirdly.

To the left: The New Pornographers. Neko is in the middle. She is clearly aware that men love her because she's wearing some sort of fluffy feathery outfit.

This is from the Q and not U show I saw before they broke up for ever ever. I will miss this band, even though they already have new projects they are working really hard at. It will not be the same.

This is from the Sons and Daughters in-store at Sound Fix. This band is excellent. I thank Matt
again for dragging me out to see them in the rain.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Dogs of London.

I took this picture in London a couple of years ago. I've always thought it was funny. That yellow bumper sticker, because I know it's illegible here, says:

A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

I wholeheartedly agree.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Don't go home to Swarthmore.

I went to go see the Mountain Goats with the Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers at Swarthmore this past weekend. With Matt. That's a given these days. Anyway, it sorta struck both of us that we're too old to be hanging out with college kids these days. I mean, we're not old, but we're too old to be surrounded by drunk obnoxious 19 year olds who don't care that John Darnielle is totally mesmerizing. Thanks to the 'Slice for the picture, by the way. The show, when you ignore drunk teenagers who get in the way, was quite good. I'm glad we got there early enough (thanks to the good natured campus cop who escorted us) to see The Prayers and Tears...who were exceptional enough for me to sneak downstairs to buy Matt their cd. Unfortunately, 4 late nights in a row meant I was too exhausted to use my Wolf Parade ticket last night. Oh well. Tonight I'll make up for it by seeing Broken Social Scene rock the TLA. See you there.

If you need convincing about the Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers, check out "concerning lessons learned from the aliens"

Friday, October 21, 2005

Ring My Bell, Cornel.

Yesterday while on the Market Frankford dirty-ass El, I thought I was riding the train with Cornel West, seen by some as one of the great African-American thinkers of this era. I don't know what else to call him, he is a college professor and author. I was sorta convinced it was him, and it took me a good 10 minutes to realize that this guy on the train was just copping his look. He wasn't dressed well enough, frankly, to make me think he was a well-off professor. It could've been him, though!

More exciting is that I ditched my night of studying to go see Charles Burns and Chis Ware at the library. I understand that this confirms my status as a geek, but oh well. I got books and art and more than likely you did not. Plus I have a better understand of Chris Ware's obsessive obsessive nature. I should spend more time at the library.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

As promised.

I still take pictures. I'm sure you all find it annoying. South Street Seaport. Towards sunset. Saw Ted Leo right about then, which was really nice. Blogger is being pissy about uploading photos right now, so this'll have to wait for another time.

Only saw 2! shows this weekend. The New Pornographers were grand. A fun show. Too bad Kathryn the Niece is so unneeded, her vocals were buried and her keyboards are redundant. A nice way to recapture the loveliness of a first date. Fiery Furnaces, a little disappointing. Their furious medley of songs seemed a little off - and I enjoy the Grandma album they are about to put out more than most. Oh well. Perhaps it was all due to feeling so blah inside the Black Cat. Stuffy venue. Not a capacity crowd, either. I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's Black Dice show more and more, even though I have to work late and will go straight to the show looking all plannery and not at all noise-rocky. It only serves to make me feel even older.

Big News!

I finally bought a new computer. Which means that later tonight (!) you can see some of the photography I've been laboring over. Let the real blogging re-commence.

More Ware Ahead

Part 4.

Part 5.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Etc.

I know that I'm not the laziest blogger, but I feel badly sometimes for not updating this page more regularly. Oh well.

The future:

Go see John Vanderslice as he tours the East Coast. He plays Philadelphia tomorrow night, and while I'm really bummed that Portastatic isn't playing with him, I'm just as excited to see the 'Slice do his thing. He's nice. He sings nice songs. He's a tasty pop treat. There you have it.

The present:

Oh my, tonight's Gilmore Girls? Where Mr. Huntsburger admits to breaking Rory's almost journalist heart in a weird attempt to break up Rory and Logan? Perhaps where Rory and Lorelai get to be friends again, because Lorelai was right all along? Wow. I'm soooo excited. Seriously. Listened to the demos for Love Songs for Patriots on my way to work. That's the most recent American Music Club album. The two sound totally different. The demos were done before AMC decided to reunite, and it's interesting to see what AMC brings to the table as a band. The demos are worth a listen, if you're an AMC fan. Oh yeah, and they are touring with Spoon and skipping Philadelphia. That won't stop me! November 6th at Warsaw! Be there or be at home watching Law and Order!

The very recent past:

Sons and Daughters with the Rosebuds at North Six. Yay! This show was really good. The Rosebuds seems to have loosened up a bit, and while I've been trying to get people to love this band as much as I do, I'm willing to keep them to myself. Sons and Daughters is Scottish, cute, and totally awesome. I know you've never heard of them, but I think they are worth checking out. Thanks to Matt who persevered with me through the rain to see this show. Twice. Because we saw Sons and Daughters do an instore at Sound Fix in the afternoon. Also worth noting: I saw Metric on Friday night and got very sweaty. I wish the FU Church was climate controlled. But Metric was quite good, as were the opening acts. That would be Lovely Feathers and The Most Serene Republic. Worth my $10 for sure. Bob Mould on Thursday night. Really cool to see him do Husker Du songs with a full band. Really cool to see Brendan Canty looking very old. Now, if only I could get Fugazi to resurrect themselves, we'd be in business.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Across Your Narrows!

Matt and I went to the Across the Narrows festival on Sunday. Lots of people have commented and/or complained about the lack of attendance at these shows. I don't have a problem with this. It meant that I easily found parking on the street. That there wasn't a line for Totonno's. That I easily was able to stand close to the front of the crowd, didn't have to wait on too outrageous a line for the ladies' room, and didn't have to wade through too many people when it came time to go home.

I really enjoyed my day. I showed my ultimate prowess in Skeeball. I'm officially bored with the Polyphonic Spree -- their joyous choir thing is only amusing for so long. I did enjoy the Ravonettes but I also felt like their set never went anywhere. Too many mid-tempo songs. Therefore, that leaves Belle and Sebastian, who I enjoyed wholeheartedly even though they didn't play the song I wanted to hear (Books! C'mon! It's so catchy and dance-able!). The New York Times devoted a whole paragraph in their review about why they didn't play Piazza, New York Catcher. I say, too obvious folks!

And, lastly, Beck was quite the showman. He's quite the snazzy dresser. He brought his wife and child along. He's added a component to the show that involves his band sitting down to "dinner" and having them accompany him on their dinnerware. He parades people around carrying REALLY large boomboxes, and tried to get the crowd to give shout-outs to designer jean-makers of yesteryear. Though if any of the 15 year old kids in attendance knew anything about Sergio Valente, I'd be impressed. I personally was glad to hear him play a lot of the songs off of Sea Change because I'm probably among the minority of people who really like Beck's downer depressive album. While trying to explain why I like this album to Matt, I basically said I really enjoy Beck without all the Beckian bells and whistles. No funny vocal effects, no funky instruments, just straight up somber Beck. It makes it easier to realize he's got something to say.

And, for consistency, here's the lastest Chris Ware cartoon.

In sad news, Philadelphia's The Bigger Lovers are calling it a day. Oh well. They're actually a local band I really like. Listen to their song I Resign here.