Friday, July 29, 2005


It seems like this summer has been one loooooong road trip, with a couple of stops at work inbetween. This isn't a bad thing, since I've found some really great company to come along on the road trip, but have you met the old Anne? I used to spend my weekends curled up at home, catching up on music, movies, tv shows, more music...I even made time for Saturday morning cartoons! Okay, really I just was all sorts of lazy. I work well with lazy.

Now I feel like some sort of half-assed jet setter. This weekend I'm going to the beach with a lot of people. This should be really nice, because the weather should be nice, and I like all the people who'll be cramming into too few bedrooms.

Next weekend I'm going to Woodstock to not be a hippie. I'd make an awful hippie, you know that much, right? I've been told I'm going shopping for cds. Not so much of a stretch for me. I'm skipping a Bardo Pond show for this, so it better be good. Oh, and I'm going to see the Hold Steady next Friday night. I tried to go see them the last time they played Philly, but I was thwarted by the broken rear window of my car.

Ally McWheel takes way too much abuse. She's a sweetheart.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The spider is back!

Confidential to Heathalouise: I'm thinking about your question. That is, what makes a good pop song? I agree with your assessment of hand claps. I love hand claps. But I also think sometimes that an instrumental song that manages to stick in my head (there are a couple) is a strong contender. I mean, if an artist can win you over with just the music, with no sexy lyrics to go along with it, that has the makings of something excellent. Or, maybe just a song of clapping?

Anyway, I'd like to talk briefly about Stephanie Klein. She blogs, and I learned about her from reading a very academic article about her in the New York Times. Here is a link to her blog:

Now, the gist of this article in the NYT is that we're supposed to feel badly for Stephanie...her blog is called Greek Tragedy, for goodness sake! Why, you ask? Because she hasn't found herself a man yet! That's why! Lots of ladies and men haven't found their ideal partner yet. Lots of people struggle to find someone to share their lives with, yet we're supposed to feel sorry for Stephanie... because she's thin and pretty and assumedly intelligent. Therefore, I reason, people might ask themselves "Why Stephanie? She has all this great stuff going for her! Why hasn't she found a man?"

Well, you know what? Fuck all that. Stephanie should have to struggle just like everyone else. Because it's not like she doesn't have dates. She blogs all about them. Apparently, half of New York City recognized her before the article, and now the rest of the city will. And fuck all of you that are all caught up in her self-pitying. I don't buy it for a second.

Yeah, that spider is back. It's bigger than ever. I took more pictures of it, I'm fascinated with this spider. One of these days I'm going to stumble into its web on my way out the door to work and that'll be the end of me for sure.

Friday, July 22, 2005

Teenage Fucking Fanclub (and the Rosebuds)

All you folks on the fence about seeing this was so good. Truly fantastic. I mean, I've had this run of seeing bands that mean a lot to the teenage Anne. Teenage Fanclub, all puns aside, is one of those bands. I can't tell you how many times I listened to Bandwagonesque as a surly teen. And I've been listening a lot to it lately too, and the album just gets better and better.

That, and for their second encore, they came back onstage and did Everything Flows. They nonchalantly announced it was their first single. Then I ran back to my car and listened to it twice again on the way home. There's something really special about driving through the ghettos of Philadelphia, singing really loudly to some wussy Scottish pop song.

I also can't say enough good things about the Rosebuds. They are also on Merge, and have a new album coming out in September, I think. The people who I forced into listening to their first album didn't like it so much. But this band can rock. Their debut, The Rosebuds Make Out is among my favorite albums of late. So that's saying a lot, I think.

If you can ignore the red eye, you can see that they are totally cute!


Hey, I have to get up for work in 4 hours. See, that's rock and roll. Was it Jonathan Valania who went to a show every night for a week and then wrote about it in the Weekly? Two weeks? Yeah, he gets paid to do that, and he sleeps as late as he wants, I'm sure. I'll see y'all in Norristown tomorrow.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

This day just gets better and better!

Whoo! The R. Kelly mannequin! Thanks Philebrity!

Seriously, this is soooo jacked up.

This Deserves Its Own Post!

Wow. That's all I can say. Plus there's only one hot guy in my zipcode...

Thx Chromewaves.

Panda Babies

These panda babies are crazy looking, aren't they? After not being able to see the panda cam here I decided to see what they looked like myself. Panda babies could merit a trip to the D.C. zoo.

Even weirder is this spider that's been hanging out on my porch. It's huge! Honestly, outside of the spiders that exist solely for things like Fear Factor and horror movies, it's the largest spider I've ever seen up close. What's weird about it, though, is that it only seems to build a web at night. During the day, it's not there. Or it's hiding. I watched it trap some poor bug the other night. Really fascinating stuff that only shows to you all just how nerdy I am.

I listened to the Feelies' Crazy Rhythms on the way to work this morning. It's a really good album. I hadn't listened to it in quite some time. FYI, JGJR, I really enjoy the songs Loveless Love and Moscow Nights. It gets me that much more excited to see this quasi-reunion at the Knitting Factory next month. You should all check it out yourselves, I suppose, but it's to celebrate downtown living and Howl (by Allen Ginsberg) and it should be really cool. It's August 23rd. It's $12. Antietam is playing, and they never play. So worth your $12!

On the other hand, if you're in Philadelphia, perhaps you'll come see the Drive By Truckers with me tomorrow night? It's all hinging on the weather. I'm just as likely to go home, curl up in a ball, and take a nap. Hot summer days make for lazy summer nights.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Reverse Chronology, Almost.

So, it's been busy lately. And I'm going to work in reverse. I'm sorry the spacing sucks. Here goes:

Siren Festival. Hot, until it got foggy. The Dears were good. I've only really heard them on the radio. But this guy loves them and I trust his taste. Thankfully he trusts mine too.

Q and not U. D.C. says they should have rocked harder and he might be right. They could have been louder. But I love Q and not U and I'm really sorry that they are breaking up. Plus they gave props to the Shoot the Freak song, which was totally wicked awesome.

Shoot the Freak!

Nah, I couldn't really.

Dungen. I like them. They would probably be better up close and personal, in a venue the size of a closet. I hear they are coming back to Philly and I welcome the occasion of getting to see them again.

I also saw Spoon. Britt's still tall. Don't ask me how all the other bloggers get better pictures. Press passes? Blow jobs? I'm willing to hold hands with Christgau, but that's about it.

Coney Island is full of fun, pizza, arcadery, and things that are bright and shiny and noisy. Thumbs up.

No Blue Bunny spotting gets by me! I love the Bunny!

I also went on vacation recently. Best second date/vacation ever. I got to see Dinosaur Jr, who rock! That, and I've had a crush on Lou Barlow since I was 14, or something ridiculous like that. If all bands would reunite and only play their oldest/best material, we'd all be better for it.

Seriously! 14 years old! I'm really dedicated.

Okay, maybe 15.

I also got to see Yo La Tengo perform their soundtrack to the Sounds of Science. Also the best second date ever. It was a long date. That I could go see Yo La Tengo twice in one week in two totally different settings just proves to me (and therefore YOU) that this band should win prizes and accolades more often.

Sorry I haven't been a better blogger. Go here for some more Dinosaur Jr love. I'm going to see Teenage Fanclub later this week. I'd hold all of their hands, in a big loving circle, in exchange for some good blogger worthy photos.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Sigh. Hi Scotty.

I miss the gay cabaret.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Philly Phreakout.

Oh no! I just read on Billboard that Darryl Hall (you know, of Hall and Oates) has Lyme disease. Yes, I read Billboard almost every day, mostly because I get news about Hall and Oates and the Silver Jews all at once. Anyway, perhaps I'm letting the proverbial cat out of the bag, but I like Hall and Oates. Not enough to see them play at Great Adventure, or something like that, but enough to feel nostalgic and warm when Maneater comes on the radio. Or Out of Touch? Yummy!

I'm leaving soon to go on vacation. I'm terribly excited. Obviously, it won't interrupt my sporadic blogging, but I'll be seeing this band and this band.

In other news, I pulled a plastic peanut butter jar off a groundhog's head the other day, surely saving it from an untimely death and restoring my good karma for at least the rest of the week. Animal rescue is not something I usually get to do in Norristown. Normally I just watch 6 year old girls shake their undeveloped asses as they dance on the sidewalk and/or drug deals go down next to my car. Both are equally entertaining. I participate in neither.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Love... Henry Rollins with puppets.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Midyear muddles.

Well, All World Cowboy Romance wants to know my top 6 jams of the moment. I think I can come up with 6. People it seems have been making top mid-year lists but there's so much that hasn't come out yet. Like Sufjan Stevens album, which has apparently been delayed for awhile due to some cover art issues (this info from Chromewaves). Okay, here are my six, in no real order.

1. "This Year" by the Mountain Goats
2. "My So-Called Celibate Life" by the Pernice Brothers
3. "Repulsion" by Dinosaur Jr
4. "Mushaboom" by Feist
5. "I Changed by Mind" by Lyrics Born
6. "It's All In My Mind" by Teenage Fanclub

Six is too few. But I currently enjoy all these songs a whole lot.

If I had to pick a video, it would be the new Kanye jam "Diamonds (From Sierra Leone)." Ooh, the eyes on those little kids!

In other mid-year news, I've seen 41 shows this year so far, I'm way ahead of the curve to beat last year's 69 shows.

At last night's birthday party, we struggled to come up with Philadelphia glitterati. You know, famous people that actually live in Philadelphia. All we could do are newscasters and sports stars who live here likely because they have little choice in the matter. Oh, and Ed Bacon. You know, this guy (on the right)...

Sometimes it's nice that Philadelphia has no glitter.

Friday, July 01, 2005

I've given up.

It's 4:19 PM on a Friday afternoon as I start this - and the thought of doing more work right now isn't sitting so well, so instead of sneaking out early I'm going to stick it out here instead. At least for a little while.

I've had a crazy week, and crazy, I think you know who you are.

Anyway, happy July 4th everyone. July 4th kicks off with an excellent summer concert. Why Philadelphia has to settle for Elton John and the crap that is Live 8 is beyond me, so instead I'm heading to New York to see Yo La Tengo, Sir Stephen Malkmus, and Laura Cantrell. Anyone who knows me at all knows I love Yo La Tengo. I love them so much I emailed them with a song request for Monday because I know they take requests. And you know what?


If I had to guess, I'd say it was Ira who wrote me back. In any case, I asked for "Let's Get Rid of New York" which is perhaps slightly tacky given the location of the concert but geographically it's right on! And I got a no. So sad. This will not stop me from driving all over this country to see them in the future, at the end of this week, etc.


For those of you in NYC that don't like Yo La Tengo, apparently John Darnielle will be gracing Brooklyn's presence with two short shows followed by cool movies on rooftops? It sounds like fun. Philly folks, you can suffer through Elton without me.

That's right. That's Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston. And apparently he helps her out on the crapper sometimes.

Oh my. Don't know how long this picture will last, but it's a good one.