Thursday, May 19, 2005


Here's what sitting behind the stage gets you at a U2 show:

Bono uses a teleprompter! Perhaps he really does remember all the lyrics to the songs he sings each night, BUT MAYBE HE DOESN'T! Maybe he's losing it!

Ah, not really. The U2 show was excellent. I can't complain. I got chills. I am very predictable. The three highlights of the show were 1) meeting Dean and Christine, who bought our extra tickets and 2) seeing Sunday Bloody Sunday seamlessly switch into Bullet the Blue Sky (even if they didn't finish singing about slapping them bills down and seeing the fighter planes) and 3) remembering yet again that the Edge is brilliant.

Somehow I missed that Elvis Costello was at the show, and missed that Bono sang some of Pump It Up. But here's the setlist if you're curious:

Main Set: City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo - Stories for Boys - Pump It Up, Elevation, Gloria, The Ocean, Beautiful Day, Miracle Drug, Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own, Love and Peace or Else, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bullet the Blue Sky - When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Running to Stand Still, Pride, Where the Streets Have No Name, One

Encore(s): Zoo Station, The Fly, Mysterious Ways, All Because Of You, Yahweh, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Bad - 40

Admittedly, I love Elvis Costello more than U2, but he would have never found his way up to the cheap seats where I was.

So, love Elvis too, and check this cover of Indoor Fireworks by the lovely Laura Cantrell.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

I started when I was 10

Tomorrow night is a big night for me.

I'm going to see U2.

If you put it all together, I've been listening to U2, on and off, officially since I was 10. And 10 was a long time ago. And it's taken me this long to get to go see them. I think the problem here is that I wish I was seeing them circa 1985 and it's 2005. On the other hand, it's that much cooler that they are a bunch of old (relatively speaking) men who don't look too foolish doing what they do. Fools, you know who you are.

Ha! When you're not all listening to U2, perhaps you'd like to listen to Matthew Sweet like I am right now. He writes perfect pop songs, and perhaps released my of my favorite albums ever, Girlfriend. You might argue that his star has faded a bit since then, but I'll tell you that when I went to see him with the Velvet Crush not too long ago, he was totally awesome! And I saw Patrick Berkery there. And Patrick Berkery drums for the Pernice Brothers! Who are all totally awesome themselves. See for yourself, truly.

Stream the new Pernice Brothers album here:

And you can stream various and sundry things related to Matthew Sweet here:

I apologize for not having proper mp3s to post - but I'm at work AND it's not like I've got a fervent fan base clamoring for the stuff.

Oh, and P.S. Joe Pernice's new beard is hot! Not necessarily a summertime accessory but hot just the same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

She's a black belt in karate.

I've seen tons of shows over the last couple of days. But more pressing is that I can't seem to figure out how to add links to this page. I'm working on it. There are lots of things/people/pages I'd like to link to, but that'll have to happen later.

The show recap:

1. Last night. Deerhoof and the Danielson Famile. Apparently their last appearance as the Danielson Famile. They're cute, in their costumes and such. Deerhoof was awesome and loud.

2. Saturday night. 2 shows. Show 1 was Russian Futurists, Junior Boys, and Caribou. This show was 100 kinds of cool. Junior Boys were totally amazing, despite their moans and groans about the pa. And Caribou, they sound great, they played a really loud set and I'm definitely enjoying their new album all the more for it. And with that, what's up Canada? You continue to export all this really awesome music and now all I can do is count the days until the Canadian consulate puts on their annual blowout in Prospect Park (June 25th. New Pornographers, Sadies and Stars.) Show 2 was Okkervil River and Earlimart. Everyone was there to see Okkervil River, who are good, but not nearly as good and grizzled as Earlimart. I like the grizzle! The Khyber was really crowded but cleared out for Earlimart. Inexplicable, really.

Check that grizzle!

3. Friday night. Bardo Pond! I love this band. I've decided they are a band's band. You know, the kind of band that your favorite musicians say they are big fans of...blah blah blah. Doesn't matter, I love 'em anyway. I hope they play out more, because this was their first show in awhile and they really didn't play all that long. But they sounded amazing. Even without Clint Takeda (yeah, I notice these things).

In other news, I bought a digital camera this weekend, and took pictures of most of these shows. When I advance far enough to download these photos, I will try to post them. But first I have to catch up on back episodes of Everwood and the Joe Strummer documentary I taped the other week.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

I'm sorry!

You know, posting to this on a regular basis can be hard. Not as in, challenging to my mind hard. But difficult to do on a regular basis. Stuff gets in the way, right? I suppose you could go in two different directions. There are blogs I read everyday, and I know there will be a new post by a certain time every morning. Or there are blogs which post irregularly, and then I hope and hope and hope and wait for new items to show up. This blog definitely falls into irregular.

So, today's band to hype is Battles. I saw them open up for Prefuse 73 last night. Prefuse 73 was good, but Battles was really good. Good in a post-rock jams sort of way. No singing, just intense jams. It's the kind of thing that would probably drive most of my friends crazy, but you (yeah, you!) the discerning listener will enjoy it. I'd post an mp3 for you but all I can find is the streaming variety. You'll have to do the hunting yourself.

In other news, Wilco is finally gracing Philadelphia's presence. This is good news, but I imagine a ticket will cost me big dollars. My Morning Jacket opens the show, June 23rd, at not-nearly-as-awful-as-it-could-be Penn's Landing.

Also, if there's anybody out there who cares, please save the one mature, meant for adults show that I watch - Arrested Development.

One more thing. I bought a ticket to see The Go-Betweens in Brooklyn at the start of June...but it occurred to me this morning that most fabulous novelist Jonathem Lethem might be there. I know he loves this band. I know he must reside in the NYC area. Certainly if this happened, it would be one of those occasions where I drool and think about dorky things to say and inevitably say nothing at all.