Tuesday, April 26, 2005

So Much For More Sleep

So, I didn't go see Damien Jurado, which of course I regret. Because it's easy to regret things in one's past. I like the guy so much, but I was yawning by 9 PM. Which means no concerts. Alas, I did make up for it by seeing Superwolf the next night. Superwolf on a Friday also brings on major yawns because Will Oldham is so mellow and slow and slow and mellow. But he, along with Matt Sweeney of Chavez and Zwan apparently, make for a good combination. I'd highly recommend checking it out if you like your Friday night jams slow.

This weekend I also managed to check out "Sin City" - finally! For some reason, I'm always behind the curve on movies but I have wanted to see this for awhile. It was great! So it was violent and bloody and full of nudity and whatnot. But that's what makes movies adapted from comic books great.

Other things that are great:

The flurry of Buffalo Tom torrents on dimeadozen
Water ice season is upon us
Getting to hear the new Pernice Brothers album before drooling all over Joe Pernice on Saturday night! Yay!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Tonight's the night for Damien!

I'm hoping to go see Damien Jurado tonight at the Khyber. I've been listening to him for what seems like ages, and I was trying to remember how I got hooked on him. I think...maybe he opened up for someone many many years ago at the Blind Pig in Ann Arbor? And I liked his set? Doesn't really matter now. He's got a spiffy new album out called On My Way to Absence that I'd definitely recommend. His past albums have been a lot more hushed/quiet/folky but lately he's been rocking out more.

Try this one out if you're curious. It's Prices, off his new album. And don't be scared off by that mean look on his face. I know it looks like he could kick your butt - but he's not gonna!

In other news, I came across this funny site. http://www.indietits.com
It's not what it seems. It's a cartoon about birds! Ha ha!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Damon and Naomi

On Monday night I went to see Damon and Naomi...who were great, as usual. It's too bad there were so few people at the show, because I think they are an underappreciated act. Anyway, Damon and Naomi are 2/3 of what remains of Galaxie 500 (the other third being Dean Wareham, of recently disbanded Luna). Even more exciting than being at the Damon and Naomi show was that they played "Blue Thunder" - a Galaxie 500 hit if you will - as a lark, they said. I've only been waiting for 10 years for that to happen, lark or not. Playing with them on this tour is their friend Kurihara from Ghost. I know that he can really play guitar, so it's too bad that he doesn't get more of a chance to, I don't know, let loose or something like that.

So go check them out! They are headed west and then to Europe. And before you go, you can listen to this - Beautiful Close Double - from their new album, The Earth is Blue.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My So-Called Secret Blog!

I have a blog and no one knows it! That alone seems counterintuitive to the whole idea of blogging. But whatever - sooner or later that won't matter, right?

Maybe you're wondering why I've got this blog, or why I'm so slow to get myself one? All I wanted to do was leave a comment at good ol' Jason Brody's blog and then I had to register. Which gave me this blog. Plus I'm always reading other people's blogs, especially ones that deal with music, and well, why not.

The Sad Stars part? It comes from the Crooked Fingers setlist that hangs in front of me at work. So thanks Eric Bachmann - you've provided lots of fodder for high school yearbook quotes and now this!